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ViralOne Benefits
  • Create unlimited referral forms (aka Tell-A-Friend forms) and increase referrals to your site and benefit from free traffic that is 10 times more likely to convert.
  • Keep a consistent brand by customizing the appearance of each form to perfectly match the appearance of your website.
  • Create a viral chain of automatic traffic by having ViralOne embed referral forms on the thank you pages of your Newsletter and/or Autoresponder subscriptions.
  • Improve your response rate by giving your visitors the ability to personalize the message they send to their referrals.
  • Squeeze the maximum amount of referrals out of your visitors by presenting them with a new referral form after they are finished with the first one.
  • Maximize the value of each visitor by redirecting them to a page or website of your choosing after they have finished referring their friends.
  • Leverage the power of Social Networking by letting your visitors import their email address books into your referral forms. This way instead of your visitors having to type each referrals name, the forms will be pre-populated with their information.
  • Build your email lists by having ViralOne capture and store the email addresses of both your visitors and all their referrals.
  • Use special promotions, giveaways & contests as incentives to get your visitors to send you even more referrals and traffic.
  • ViralOne prevents wasted referrals by alerting your visitors when they enter an invalid email address into your forms.
  • Save valuable website real estate by choosing to have your visitors launch your referral forms by clicking on a customized button instead of embedding a form in your page.
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