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StatsOne Benefits
  • Discover how much traffic each referral source is generating for you. For instance, see which affiliates are the most productive, which search engines are bringing you the most traffic, etc.
  • Find out which pages on your website are doing well and which ones are not. This will help you to make improvements to under-performing pages.
  • Visitors who come back to your website over and over again are more likely to convert to a lead or a sale. StatsOne shows you how many times visitors have returned to your website.
  • Determine the geographic location of your website visitors. This can help you to decide whether you should be targeting your international visitors more, whether to offer your website in multiple languages and also if you should be offering payments in multiple currencies.
  • Make intelligent website design decisions by finding out what browsers, resolutions and operating systems your visitors are using.
  • Get inside the minds of your visitors by finding out the keywords and phrases they are using to find your website. This helps you to optimize your pages for the Search Engines by using the specific keywords and phrases on those pages.


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